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Specializing in the production of new chemical materials, packaging film materials, plastic products, plastic raw materials (LLDPE, LDPE, EVA, EMMA) imports, rubber products, paper products, etc.


Located in Zhangjiagang City-an emerging port industrial city, Zhangjiagang Create Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise, which is mainly engaged in the development and sales f new materials and the production of packaging new materials. Since establishment, our company has been committed to the development and sales of new materials, including new chemical products, manufacturing of packaging film materials, plastic products, rubber materials (EPDM, liquid EPDM) , silicone-modified EPDM, Predispersed masterbatch, plastic materials as well as the import of (EAA, EVA, EMAA, SEBS, C5 (hydrogenated) resin, LLDPE). Adhering to the path of environment-friendly development, we work actively to promote...




The flame retardant market in Europe will grow at a steady rate of 5.3% by 2020

According to a report released by Research and Markets, a foreign market research institute, the market for flame retard




BASF pioneered the use of safer flame retardants in China

BASF is the first material supplier to adopt safer flame retardants in China as a leading supplier of foamable polystyre




How to choose a suitable flame retardant

An ideal flame retardant best meet the following conditions at the same time, but the reality is a gap。 Therefore, the c




3 types of commonly used PP plastic flame retardant you know how much?

PP plastic flame retardant is made of imported materials, is a new type of high efficiency Br (bromine), P (phosphorus)





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