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How to choose a suitable flame retardant

An ideal flame retardant best meet the following conditions at the same time, but the reality is a gap。 Therefore, the choice of practical flame retardants, most of them meet the basic requirements of the premise, and then in other requirements to find the best comprehensive balance。

1, high flame retardant efficiency, flame retardant performance required less, that is, my cost-effective.

2, the performance is stable, environmental protection and environmental protection

(1), resistant to precipitation, that is not due to evaporation or washing from the final product released;

(2) less toxic gas is released during thermal cracking or burning;

(3) Harmless to people, animals and plants;

(4), compatible with the environment, that is harmless to the environment or can be safely degraded.

3, thermal stability, with sufficient thermal stability, flame retardant base material processing temperature does not decompose, the decomposition temperature should not be too high。

4, with the flame retardant substrate compatibility。

5, adequate sources of raw materials, manufacturing process is simple, the price as cheap as possible.




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