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3 types of commonly used PP plastic flame retardant you know how much?

PP plastic flame retardant is made of imported materials, is a new type of high efficiency Br (bromine), P (phosphorus) N (nitrogen) and other elements of the reactive flame retardant. This article mainly introduces the following three kinds:

1, brominated flame retardants

Most brominated flame retardants decompose at 200-300 ° C, which is just the same as the decomposition temperature range of polypropylene, so brominated flame retardants also begin to decompose when polypropylene is thermally decomposed and can capture Degradation of free radicals generated by the reaction, thereby delaying or terminating the chain reaction of burning. At the same time released HBr itself is a flame retardant gas, this gas density, can cover the surface of the material, play a role in blocking the surface of combustible gases, but also inhibit the combustion of materials.

The main disadvantage of brominated flame retardants is to reduce the anti-UV stability of the flame-retardant substrate, generate more smoke, corrosive gases and toxic gases when burned, which limits its application.

2, phosphorus flame retardants

Phosphorus flame retardants play a role in the flame retardant polymer to promote the initial decomposition of dehydration and carbonization。 This dehydrocarbonation step must rely on the polymer itself containing oxygen-containing groups, for its own structure with oxygen-containing polymers。 Their flame retardant effect will be better。 For polypropylene, since the molecular structure of its own oxygen-free groups, the use of phosphorus flame retardant alone when the flame retardant effect is poor, but if and (0H) 3 and Mg (OH) 2 and so on can be Produce synergies, so as to get a good flame retardant effect。

3, phosphorus - nitrogen flame retardants

Phosphorus - nitrogen flame retardants, also known as intumescent flame retardants, containing such flame retardant polymer when heated, the surface can generate a uniform layer of carbon foam, play a heat insulation, oxygen, smoke suppression The role and prevent droplet phenomenon, it has a good flame retardant properties. Intumescent flame retardant system generally consists of three parts: acid source (dehydration agent), carbon source (carbon agent) and gas source (nitrogen source, foam source). Intumescent flame retardant mainly through the formation of porous carbon foam layer in the cohesion play a role in flame retardant. Phosphorus nitrogen flame retardant with halogen-free, low smoke, low toxicity advantages.




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