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BASF pioneered the use of safer flame retardants in China

BASF is the first material supplier to adopt safer flame retardants in China as a leading supplier of foamable polystyrene insulation materials worldwide。

Replacing previous HBCD flame retardants with innovative polymeric flame retardant PolyFR will improve the environmental performance of Neopor thermal insulation solutions and will therefore help BASF to continue to help its customers meet increasingly stringent energy savings, Fire regulations and sustainable building design requirements.

PolyFR is a highly effective flame retardant currently used by BASF worldwide for all of its polystyrene insulation products, including the Neopor product line used by customers in Europe, North America and China. Following the successful switch to PolyFR in Europe and South Korea, BASF has also become the first supplier of insulation materials to use PolyFR in China.

BASF invented Neopor in the construction industry for nearly two decades of history。 This gray plastic particulate material is an upgraded version of Styropor (White EPS), which contains special graphite particles that reflect thermal radiation like a mirror to reduce indoor heat loss。 BASF's customers can foam this particulate material into a thermal insulation board or a variety of molded parts, for the facade, roof, floor insulation。 Neopor insulation meets passive house construction standards, reducing material usage by up to 20% compared to traditional white EPS。

The EU has banned the use of HBCD flame retardants since 2015 and BASF has globally replaced the use of PolyFR as a flame retardant in expandable polystyrene insulation products instead of HBCD。 After years of testing and development with BASF's support, the results show that PolyFR offers better environmental performance during the thermal insulation board processing and use。

Giorgio Greening, senior vice president of BASF Global Styrofoam Polymers Business Unit, said: "The current energy and efficiency requirements of commercial and residential buildings have risen to an unprecedented level. Foamable polystyrene insulation products such as Neopor are well To meet this need, BASF insulation solutions will meet the requirements of various sustainable building projects in the future, especially with PolyFR.With the increasing demand for energy saving in living and work spaces, these high-quality materials can help Developers ensure product compliance while meeting market needs. "




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