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Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA)
Product description: Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (EAA) is a material with thermoplasticity and very high adhesion. When the MI is the same, the transparency, toughness, cohesiveness and environmental stress cracking increase with the increase of the AA content; on the contrary, the rigidity, the vapor transmission rate and the chemical resistance are better. When the AA content is the same, the adhesion and processing performance will be better as the MI increases. Mainly used in packaging, powder coating, adhesives, hot melt adhesives, sealing materials, water-based solvents, environmentally friendly degradation materials.
Product Features:

1, excellent adhesion, and EAA can bond materials: aluminum and tin metals and their oxides, glass, cellulose, wood, leather, cellophane, protein, nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, three yuan Propylene, etc.; 
2, wide range of use, will not cause thermal decomposition of bubbles, it is recommended to use temperature between 120-160 ° C; 
3, easy to process, high fluidity, ultra-low melting point, reduce dosage, reduce costs.

Application areas:

1. Powder coating: This product can be made into powder which can be sprayed on the surface of pipes (Fig. 3), steel, non-woven garments, etc. as anti-corrosion or bonding materials; 
2. Hot-melt adhesive: used for difficult bonding material; may also be used an intermediate bonding layer collar high-end clothing; 
3, an aqueous solvent: under appropriate reaction conditions can be dissolved in a hot alkaline solution, an aqueous adhesive can be formulated, for clothing and other fabrics; 
4 , degradation of environmentally friendly materials: EAA and starch-based materials can be blended to produce degradable plastics

Technical indexes:

Acrylic acid content: AA: 20% 
Melt index: MI: 300 g/10 min 
Density: 0.91-0.94 g/cm3

Product Size:
It can also be customized according to the special needs of customers for AA content and MI melt index!




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