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Polyisobutylene (PIB)
Production and application:

a. The molecular weight is stable, the distribution is narrow, the oligomer content is low, and the performance is stable. The reduction of the oligomer content ensures the long-term stability of the customer's product under strong ultraviolet radiation, and does not overflow, does not flow, and has stable bonding performance. 
b. High environmental protection, no chlorine, low halogen content, low heavy metal content, in line with FDA and European standards. 
c. A range of products, from low to ultra high molecular weight products, to ensure the sustainability of customer product development . 
D. stable supply ability from the integrated base material. 
E. polyisobutylene has experience in the production and use, to provide complete solutions. 
F., the high molecular weight polyisobutylene is often used in adhesive, rubber, chewing Glue, petroleum industry, etc.


a. good insulation properties, cold flow HMW ≈crosslinked rubber not chem bonds / liquid or plastics under load and chemical inert 
b. water blocking, boiling water, completely insoluble in water, gas barrier B200 < HDPE, > LDPE / NR 
c At room temperature, acid and alkali resistant and insoluble in liquid or gaseous bromine, chlorine, insoluble in methanol, ethylene glycol, glycerin, acetone, cyclohexanone, methyl acetate / ethyl acetate; soluble in ether, butyl acetate, moving Vegetable oils, mineral oils, triphenyl solvents, etc. 
d. Low temperature to maintain elasticity to -50 °C, gradually become hard and brittle, 180 °C begins to flow, decompose 
e. Molecular weight distribution is narrow, high purity, less ash (<100ppm), volatiles Less (<1‰) 
f. Excellent weatherability, but UV can cause decomposition, adding carbon black, antioxidants and stabilizers can avoid

Properties of medium molecular weight polyisobutylene:

Medium molecular weight Oppanol: colorless, transparent, soft resin

performance Viscosity average molecular weight 100 °C viscosity Vitrification conversion point 20 °C expansion coefficient Fluorine content N-hexane content Resistivity density Water permeability coefficient
unit   mPa·s °C K-1 Mg/kg Mg/kg W·cm g/cm³ g/m·h·mbar
Detection method GPC Brookfield DSC ISO Wickbold Wickbold ISO DIN51757 ISO
Oppanol B10 40000 30000 –65 6.3·10-4 3 150 1016 0.92 2.5·10-7
Oppanol B12 60000 150000 –64 6.3·10-4 4 200 1016 0.92 2.5·10-7
Oppanol B15 85000 700000 –64 6.3·10-4 4 250 1016 0.92 2.5·10-7
Properties of high molecular weight polyisobutylene:

High molecular weight Oppanol: colorless, transparent, rubbery

performance Viscosity average molecular weight Number average molecular weight Stodinger index Volatile matter Stabilizer content Gray matter content 20 °C viscosity density Vitrification conversion point
unit     cm³/g % Mg/kg Mg/kg P*S g/cm³ °C
Oppanol B30 200000 730000 76.5–93.5 0.03 250–500 <100 1x10+7 0.92 -64
Oppanol B50 400000 120000 113–143 0.02 250–500 <100 1x10+8 0.92 -63
Oppanol 800000 200000 178–236 0.015 250–500 <100 3x10+8 0.92 -63
Oppanol B100 1110000 250000 241–294 0.01 250–500 <100 1x10+9 0.92 -62
Oppanol B150 2600000 425000 416–479 0.01 250–500 <100 1x10+9 0.92 -61
Oppanol B200 4000000 600000 551–661 0.01 250–500 <100 1x10+11 0.92 -61

Polyisobutene polyisobutylene (PIB)'s second line is very close to the brand N-50, N-80, N-100, N-150 N-50 can be used as chewing gum production, N-80, N-100, N-150 
Reasons for the production of adhesives and roofs : The Stinginger index is 5-10% higher or lower (Staudinger index) 40-60 tons/month, continuous supply and can only be sold to end users.




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